Culture, Biography & Lifelong Learning

The international research network which is about the cultural approach, biographical approach, narrative approach in education and learning will be launching its international peer reviewed journal called “culture, biography & lifelong learning (CBLL)” in 2014. The research network’s main purpose is to create the networking and interchanging of the European and American discourses in Asian background. The areas which will be discussed are Culture Education, Arts Education, Adult & Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning, Human Resource Development, Biography Research of Education, Narrative Research of Education, Informal Learning, Multi-cultural Education, Intercultural Education, and Health Education, Post Modern Education, Anthropology of Education, Cognition Research, and so on. This journal does not exclude statistics articles but targets more on theories & discourses, and qualitative researches & case studies. 

ISSN 2384-3527 (Print)

ISSN 2384-3748 (Online)

 The topics we address will include e. g.:

• Anthropology of Education

• Culture Education

• Arts Education

• Adult & Continuing Education

• Lifelong Learning

• Human Resource Development

• Workplace Learning

• Biography Research of Education

• Narrative Research of Education

• Informal Learning

• Multi-cultural Education

• Intercultural Education

• Health Education

• Higher Education

• Postmodern Education

• Cognition Research


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Vol 4, No 2 (2018)

Cover Page

ISSN: 2384-3748